Winter is a Great Time to Replace your Windows in Ottawa!


When is the best time to replace the windows in your home?  As soon as they need replacing! You shouldn’t wait to start reaping the comfort, energy efficiency and financial benefits of new windows. Some people are surprised to learn  that at Stittsville Windows & Doors, we install windows for homeowners year-round. Here are some reasons why winter could be the perfect time for your new windows:

Professional Installers know how to prevent Heat Loss

Our Professional installers usually replace one window at a time. Your home won’t be open to the elements for long, since each installation takes about half an hour. You can close the door to the room the installers are working in or take other steps to keep warm while that one window is open.

Manufacturers usually Offer Special Winter Promotions

Special Discounts and Winter Promotions are usually offered by Manufacturers, which we forward to our customers, giving you the opportunity to save even more money!!!

New Window Designs and Methods allow for cold installation

New window framing techniques and advanced sealant materials allow installations to take place in nearly any temperature and even when it’s snowing or raining. These new window designs and quick-setting cold weather sealers mean your home – and your installation crew aren’t out in the cold nearly as long as in decades past.

Installers and Suppliers are usually busier in the warmer months

It may be harder to get your windows installed in a shorter time frame in the spring and summer months, since that’s when everyone else usually replaces their windows. Just as visits to resorts and theme parks can be more relaxing during the “off season”, your installation will be easier to schedule and suppliers will have better inventory than during the busy season.

Start reducing your energy bills now!

Why wait to get the financial and comfort benefits of your new windows? Since cold winter drafts and heat leakage is why people call us in the first place, you should have your new windows installed sooner rather than later so you can enjoy the rest of the winter admiring the scenery from inside your from inside your comfortable home, without feeling the chill!

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