The Challenges and Benefits of Replacing Windows in Ottawa’s Historic Homes

Owners of historic homes in the Ottawa area know both the joys and the complications of living in an older home. They enjoy the wonderful character and details of a beautiful historic home, but upkeep and improvements can be quite a challenge – especially when it comes to replacing windows. Over the course of time, older windows can wear down, cause energy bills to skyrocket and even place homeowners at risk with malfunctioning locks or opening mechanisms.

To protect their investment, historic homeowners must take steps to make their homes as energy efficient and safe as possible with replacement windows. Here’s a quick look at the challenges and benefits of replacing windows in an older home.

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The Challenges

Naturally, one of the biggest concerns of historic homeowners is matching the look of old windows with replacement windows. Many old widows are structured in beautiful shapes and irregular sizes – modern for their time, but often different from today’s standards. They are typically made of wood and provide a timeless, vintage look to the overall appearance of the home.

Replacing these windows means finding a window that is not only the right shape and size, but also made of a material that appears vintage or antique. Today’s replacement windows can be customized to match the outside architecture and aesthetic elements of the home, protecting the historical appearance while adding much needed security and energy efficiency.

The Benefits

The most immediate benefit of replacing windows, especially those in an historic home, is the energy efficiency and subsequent savings. Window technology has significantly evolved over the past 50 years, from the materials used in construction to installation methods. New windows seal properly, maintain a cushion of air between indoor and outdoor temperatures, and are extremely easy to clean. Homeowners report an immediate difference in warmth, atmosphere and in dust reduction when they install new windows.

Beyond the elements of comfort and convenience, replacing the windows in a historic home can have significant benefits. All the windows we install are Energy Star certified and will certainly reduce your heating and cooling costs substantially.

The Value

Replacement windows for historic homes have the benefit of both retaining the home’s historic look while providing modern convenience and savings. Homeowners needing to make updates should educate themselves on the challenges and the benefits of old window replacement. If you have questions about replacing the windows in your older home, Contact Stittsville Windows and Doors today for a Free Estimate.

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