Foam filled frames offer 8% HIGHER Energy Efficiency to a window frame.

When you ask just about anyone, Which window frames do you think are better? Foam filled or hollow? Most people respond with Foam Filled Frames. THEY ARE CORRECT! Of course foam filled frames are better.Click here to see our Youtube channel!

We understand that it is difficult to SEE the difference from one product to another. We highly recommend however that you take a close look at a “corner cut” sample of the products you are considering and and have a professional walk you through the product.  Physically grab the samples with your hands and feel them. There is a difference! We guarantee that when you take a glimpse at our samples you will agree that nothing else you’ve seen compares.

Stittsville Windows And Doors Ltd. is a windows and doors company based in Stittsville, ON focused on providing the HIGHEST quality windows and doors installation service to the entire Ottawa Valley to give more homes the style and security they deserve with our exclusive products Secure-Max Windows™, Secure-Max Doors™, and Secure-Max Glass™.


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