How do you know when it is time to replace your windows?  Utility Bills? Condensation? Clarity? 4 Easy Ways to See if your Windows are Costing you Money! 1.  Analyze your Utility … Read more

Let It Slide…..

5 Reasons to get a New Sliding Patio Door!     There are so many reasons to change your Patio Door – Light, Space, Energy Efficiency, Maintenance and Style. Better Light … Read more

4 Ways To Grade the Performance of Your Current Windows

When it comes to saving money on your utility bills, your windows are often your biggest “x” factor.   How do you know how if your windows are your friend or … Read more

Don’t take a chance Get an expert to help with your Door Installation!

When you choose to do business with a window and door specialist, such as Stittsville Windows and Doors, you will get a significantly different experience than when dealing with a … Read more

What Your Front Door Says About You….

First impressions are important. The first thing that most people focus on when coming to your home is your front door. Believe it or not, your front door can say … Read more

How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

If you have been shopping for replacement windows for your home or business, you have undoubtedly heard the phrase “energy-efficient windows.” The name makes it obvious that these windows are … Read more

Selling Your Home: 3 Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door

Selling your home is a huge undertaking and let’s face it, with all of the possible updates and upgrades you can make to increase its value, it’s easy to get … Read more

Drafty Homes that naturally leak lots of cold air never need intentional ventilation because enough fresh air comes inside on its own

Are your windows getting wet from condensation again? Now’s the time to do something about it. Every year with cooler outdoor temperatures windows across Canada get wet from condensation on … Read more

The Challenges and Benefits of Replacing Windows in Ottawa’s Historic Homes

Owners of historic homes in the Ottawa area know both the joys and the complications of living in an older home. They enjoy the wonderful character and details of a … Read more

Are you looking forward to Spring and all those renovation projects you’ ve been planning….

There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects around the house that can be fairly easy to accomplish and even fun to tackle yourself. Need a wall painted? Easy to try … Read more

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