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5 Reasons to get a New Sliding Patio Door!

Patio Door  Patio Door Patio Door

There are so many reasons to change your Patio Door – Light, Space, Energy Efficiency, Maintenance and Style.

Better Light and Visibility

    1. Allows more sunlight to permeate your room.
    2. Makes the room feel much larger and more open
    3. Better visibility to your world.

Space Saver

    1. You don’t need extra space to allow your doors to swing into your room.

Energy Efficiency

    1. Double or triple paned tempered glass with LoE coating allows minimal damage from UV rays to destroy your floors, drapes and furniture.
    2. Frames and moving parts are built to seal completely!  Keeping your energy dollars inside your home!

Ease of  Maintenance

    1. With few moving parts, Sliding Glass doors operate and function like a breeze on a track.
    2. Easy to clean!

Construction and Choice

    1. Custom made doors can be fit to any architectural style,
    2. Choose from Vinyl or Wood with aluminum cladding
    3. Made with tempered glass for shatterproof safety.

Whether you’re looking for a patio door that will let you watch the kids play safely in the backyard, watch the weather, or even just a simple door that won’t get in the way while you drink your morning coffee – a sliding glass patio door is the perfect fit! Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE on your sliding glass door replacement – (613) 271-5434.

We have a large selection to choose from and will help you find the perfect fit!

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