How do you know when it is time to replace your windows?  Utility Bills? Condensation? Clarity?

4 Easy Ways to See if your Windows are Costing you Money!

  • 1.  Analyze your Utility Bills

    • Have your heating and cooling costs gone up more than they should?  Energy costs are continuing to rise but are your heating and cooling bills going up faster than the rate increases?  An older window may mean that your heating and cooling dollars are escaping your house.  Pay attention to how much energy you are using, not just how much money you are spending! It might be time for a window replacement.
  • 2. Light a Candle

    • Light a candle nest to your window – if it flickers then this means that you have a draft.  This may mean that the insulation or the frame has gone bad or that the window was not installed properly.  The window itself may be aging and is too porous.
  • 3. Touch the Window and Windowsill

    • On a hot or cold day touch the window and surrounding area.  The windowsill and the area around your window would be a t a consistent temperature.  If you feel warm or cool spots the window isn’t doing its job and its time to replace them.
  • 4. Look at the Outside 

    • Look for peeling paint.  This is a good indicator that moisture is travelling through improperly sealed windows.  If you have peeling paint this is another indicator that your house is using more energy than it should.





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