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When you choose to do business with a window and door specialist, such as Stittsville Windows and Doors, you will get a significantly different experience than when dealing with a box store. From measurements being done free of charge by an expert, not by a handyman, to enjoying the highest degree of customization of your purchase, you’ll find that dealing with the specialist is much more pleasant.

Here’s what to expect when dealing with the experts.

Measurement and Free Estimates


Instead of trying to complete the measurements yourself and heading into a big box store for pricing, you can take advantage of our door specialist’s expertise. We come to you free of charge, this eliminates the risk of installing the wrong sized product, or having to reorder once it arrives- a common issue when dealing with box stores with less expertise in doors.

The Design Consultation

Our Sales Consultants are specially trained by door manufacturers, who offer the widest variety of products and design options for homeowners. Since your entry is an important part of the first impression, or curb appeal, of your home, we like to work with homeowners to create a look that suits the home’s architecture and the homeowner’s sense of style.

Here are a few of the choices you will have to make:

Choose Your Material

Fibreglass- These low maintenance doors are highly resistant to denting, scratches, warping and weather. They are also extremely likely to last a long time. Their great insulation value is attributed to the multiple layers of insulation built into them.

Steel – These are another highly energy efficient material. They feature multiple levels of insulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while also:

  • resisting cracking and warping
  • being extremely secure
  • having low maintenance needs

Steel doors are the option chosen by many for long term investments.

Wood – This beautiful, classic option is the choice of those looking for maximum curbside wow factor. No amount of detail in a reproduction can replace the look of real wood. The high end appeal of these doors is worth the additional costs and the extra maintenance involved.

Choose Your Style

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The style of door you go with will be decided by the size of the opening and then largely down to your personal taste.

We generally recommend that first you decide how much glass you would like in your door and side lite/s. Door glass is usually coded by Privacy Levels and this helps you make a choice on how much glass and how private the glass design is compared to the daylight you require at your entranceway. There are so many glass designs to choose from, its best to decide how much glass first and then this will limit your glass options making the decision easier.

Then choose your colour, it’s always a good idea to take your favourite color samples home and take a few days to decide, as most people have difficulty with this decision. Its best to compare your colour samples with the siding or brick on your home. You want the entrance door to stand out but be consistent with your homes style and architecture.

Reliable Installation

If you’ve experienced a draft from your front door, part of the reason you’re thinking of updating is probably energy efficiency. With poor installation, it will not perform well thermally- even if you’re purchasing a highly insulated fiberglass door. At Stittsville Windows and Doors in Ottawa our skilled installers are in-house, that’s all they do all day every day!

Box store installers assemble patio furniture, appliances, and install doors. Relying on a door specialist guarantees that you’ll get peace of mind and a return on your investment.

Are You Ready to Get Started Improving Your Curb Appeal?

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