Window & Door Replacement in OTTAWA

Stittsville Windows And Doors, Ottawa, is a full service Window & Door sales, service and installation company. Our motto is “CUSTOMER FOR LIFE”. Choosing our products and services means that you will never have to replace your windows and doors again for as long as you own your home.Our company has over 30 years of residential and commercial installation experience with thousands of successful installations under our belts.

Our Investment into the Community

Stittsville Windows and Doors is owned by Comfort King – An Ottawa Window and Door Company that has been in business for 40 years.  Our company is planted firmly at 5906 Hazeldean Road, Ottawa. We purchased the building and did extensive renovations. Our goal in purchasing the building and the land was to demonstrate that our business has been established on a solid foundation. We aren’t just renting a location in a plaza. This should be indicative that our company is stable and is here for the long haul and is financially stable. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only firm in the city who isn’t renting its location. We believe this stability should be part and parcel in our consumer’s decision making process.

Superior Products

To help you with your replacement window and door decision making process, we will demonstrate to you the anatomy of our exceptional products and ensure they meet your unique needs. When you place our products side by side with other window and door products in Ottawa, the differences are OBVIOUS. We welcome the fact that you look around to compare and are confident that you will see a difference with our line of products. Allow us the opportunity to show you that not all windows and doors are made the same. The window and door industry has taken 2 paths. We estimate that due to the foreign supplier infiltration, 95% of the industry has taken the path of cutting corners in the manufacturing of replacement window and door products, hence bringing their quality into question. We chose the path of the 5%, products that will in fact last a lifetime. Most products on the market today are not built to exceed the minimum standard. For example, our window frames are foam filled (not hollow core) increasing thermal insulation properties by 8%. Again, less than 5% of the industry takes this path and is more concerned with cost cutting. We guarantee that once you have seen our windows and doors you will agree that their quality options and features speak for themselves.


Upon understanding the quality of our product lines, people generally expect to hear very expensive prices. The quality of what we carry and the higher standard installation process (which we explain) are of obvious value. Customers naturally expect our prices to be expensive because they see and feel the value. We pride ourselves on fair prices and we frequently hear an element of surprise when we are presenting price. Some customers have been pleasantly surprised with our prices. This is because we do not charge outrageous retail markups. We are here for the long haul. Our business model is not to strike it rich on every order but rather make an acceptable amount of profit which makes business sense and at the same time nestles ourselves into the communities in Western Ottawa. We are very aware that some companies are purchasing products for less than half of what we pay for ours and charging the end user more than what we charge. We are here to change that landscape. AFFORDABILITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE.


For the very few who do chose the path of quality and innovation there is a nice story to tell here. A handful of manufacturers actually care about make leaps forward in quality and efficiently. In 2001, a window with an R rating of R 2 was considered a great window by industry standards. Here we are today only ten years later, offering a standard window product with a rating of R 4.37 (with ETI Foam in the frame). Our standard high performance glass has the lowest U-Factor or highest R-Value which leads to greater insulating performance. Our door manufacturer is continually improving the performance of their door products. Whether it is their exclusive ultra resistant paint system or the introduction of extruded aluminum frame cladding or extruded aluminum hybrid glass moulding. They are striving to provide you our customers with a product that will remain your home’s eye catching entrance.

Stittsville Windows and doors Ottawa Window & Door Installation Area

Our Westend location in Ottawa, Stittsville Windows and Doors, has completed window and door installations in Ottawa East, Ottawa West, Ottawa South, Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven, Manotick, Carleton Place and Rockcliffe. Let us show you why we are one of the most trusted names in Ottawa Windows and doors! (613) 271-5434