4 Ways To Grade the Performance of Your Current Windows

When it comes to saving money on your utility bills, your windows are often your biggest “x” factor.   How do you know how if your windows are your friend or your foe? We suggest four easy tests any homeowner can do to see if the old windows are performing at their peak.


Analyze your utility bills

Have your heating and cooling costs gone up more than they should? Utilities may be raising their prices, but if your heating and cooling bills are going up faster than rate increases your windows are likely to blame. A poorly functioning window means that air is escaping your home, while outside air is infiltrating your rooms. This causes you to use, and pay, for more energy to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature.  Pay attention to how much energy you are using, not just how much money you are spending.

Light a candle

If you are suspicious that your windows may be allowing a draft inside, light a candle next to the window and see if the flame flickers. If the candle begins to flicker, it means there is a draft coming from the window. This may mean the insulation or frame has gone bad, or was not installed properly. This could also mean the window itself is aging and is too porous. If the flame doesn’t flicker, your windows are properly defending against drafts.

Touch the window and windowsill

On a hot or cold day touch the window and the areas surrounding the window. The windowsill and the areas around the window should be at a consistent temperature. If you feel warm or cool spots, the window is not doing its job and energy dollars are flowing out of your house. This is a sign it is time to replace the windows.

Look at the outside

Examine the paint around the outside of your windows. Peeling paint on the outside of the house around windows is a good indication that moisture is traveling through improperly sealed windows. This is another indication that your home is using more energy than it should.

It should be noted that these tests are just that; tests.  If you suspect that your windows are compromised, we highly suggest calling an expert to look at your windows.  Conduct these tests today and find out just how well your current windows are performing.

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